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My "Lessons Learned blog" is currently under construction. I'm updating the structure and the format of this blog. All content should be back soon. I'm considering converting some of the posts to a video format.

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R.P. da Costa

Indifference is the ultimate poison
of marketing success.
My job is to solve indifference, it is to make your customer find you, for them to pay attention
(but most importantly) for them to enjoy the process.

My story in 150 words

My name is R.P. da Costa (31). I’m a Marketing Strategist and Copywriter
with a specialization in content marketing and branded content productions.

Because of my copywriting background I started writing and producing content marketing campaigns way back in 2004 and 2005, long before it became popular around the year 2011.

Since the age of 22 I’ve been consulting and coaching marketing professionals with 15 to 20 years of experience on me. At the age of 24 I was asked to become the president of the Dutch Acquisition and Prospecting Institute. I’ve been there for 2 years. Nowadays as a 31 year old freelancer I’ve been asked to become involved in over 520 commercial projects from copywriting and (video) content production to 3D animations and graphic design.

Besides being a marketer and copywriter I’m also a passionate graphics (2D)
and motion graphics (3D) artist.

Some of my other websites (or online portfolios)


"My mind is the place where i make my plans,
my desk is the place where i take my stand."

Because my research, writing and animating duties can demand from me to work long hours, a comfortable workplace has always been very important to me. This has been my desk for the last 7 years.

When (not) to contact me?

Being challenged in marketing is inevitable, being defeated however is optional.

It goes without saying that If you have been experiencing marketing problems I'd be glad to diagnose the underlying issue at hand. Even if the solution does not involve me. Why? Coming up with creative and unique solutions to difficult marketing problems is what I do best. But that's something hard to prove in a general website such as this.

Therefore I sincerely believe that the best way to get to know me is to 'use' me free of charge as a devil's advocate. I'd love to challenge your ideas and the ideas of the absolute brightest marketing minds you have available. To accept this challenge or simply to hear some marketing choices you never had before, please fill in the form below. (or mail me: info at rpdacosta . com)